My Approach

I will discuss with you the numerous options that are open to you and explain in plain English the likely outcome of each alternative that I offer.

My approach involves explaining to you the following:

  1. Advising on your legal rights regarding children, spouse maintenance, child support, property, wills and estates
  2. Advising you of what options you may have to resolve or reduce the number of disputed issues by using services such as counselling and mediation
  3. Discussing and advising you as to whether or not in your particular circumstances your matter would be appropriate for the collaborative law process with the aim being to resolve all issues in dispute without contested court proceedings being issued
  4. The process of Court proceedings and its different stages that you may become involved in
  5. Reviewing any informal agreement that you may have made with your partner and advising you how it can be changed or enforced and negotiating an agreement in relation to financial or parenting matters such that it is resolved by consent and without Court attendances
  6. Reviewing and then drafting your current testamentary documents and advising you on how to update them to better suit your current needs

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